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Questions For The Fellas 3



johnieceGo through it looking for something? Lol

misscee__What she said 👆 you mean intentionally searching for shit?

mdenaro0odate a woman who doesn't play childish games. i'll ask my bf for his phone to make a call but not to search it. that's insanity.

coachjohnholley@johniece just go through it on general. Who knows what they'll looking for lol

coachjohnholley@misscee__ sooo, guy's should never let em?

johnieceOh. I think the intentional search always yields unwanted results lol agree?? @misscee__ or if nothing. Is found then something gets made up so they don't look crazy lol


coachjohnholley@johniece haha your so right

faithandfavor20When you trust her and have nothing to hide

coachjohnholley@faithandfavor20 that's how I've always felt...

faithandfavor20But she shouldn't want to go through your phone if you are good to her and she trusts you

coachjohnholley@creallday why not?

mel_tanellI a female but I think going through phones shouldn't take place.. Simply bc even if there's nothing there, nothing could be made out of something lol.

imalainaloveAfter marriage.

lovemeorleavemebe_1202This is a interesting topic. I know you asked the fellas I know when I'm in a relationship I don't have anything in my phone that can't be seen by my guy. I'm an open book with nothing to hide so....

misscee__@coachjohnholley @johniece lol nah I don't search his phone.But I have the passcode and use it if needed for calls or put music on or games

alluresoloI don't see an issue with letting your significant other see your phone specially if you don't have anything to hide. Regardless of why they want to see it shouldn't be an issue if you have no reason to question their intentions of looking in the phone period. They may want to look at pictures or play a game. Once you say they can't see your phone then you open a whole another can of worms and assumptions that may be false to what they're thinking now.

coachjohnholley@mel_tanell happens all the time

veronica_ronnica82From day one if there's nothing to hide 💅

coachjohnholley@imalainalove if you can't trust them before marriage, then why marry them?

coachjohnholley@lovemeorleavemebe_1202 I think that's his it should be

coachjohnholley@misscee__ you don't have your own phone? Lol

lotti_dottie_😂😂😂 but not one guy responded yet.

coachjohnholley@alluresolo I agree with you. But I've heard the opposite argument saying if you trust me, you won't need to see my phone...

lovemeorleavemebe_1202@alluresolo - My sentiments exactly!

lovemeorleavemebe_1202I don't even have a lock on my phone. If there is nothing to hide then what is the issue?

bobbiekingsburyI'm not one if the fellas but I'm opinionated so here goes - if a woman goes thru your phone or wants to it's because she's either 1. Thinking you're talking to other women 2. Doesn't trust you 3. Insecure. All of which are negative. Couples need autonomy and not everything needs to be shared just because you're a couple. If you need to see what your significant other is saying or doing when you're not around then there are deeper issues needing to be addressed

coachjohnholley@lotti_dottie_ I know right!? Lol ladies tag a guy you want to answer this question

misscee__I do but I don't have games on it or music lol and my shit love to die on me!


coachjohnholley@misscee__ umm

crealldayI agree with @bobbiekingsbury .... my thoughts exactly !

alluresoloThat's crazy poor reverse psychology talk bc most time when someone ask to see your phone it's bc either their phone died or you may have a better connection. If my boyfriend tells me if I trust him I shouldn't have to see his phone then my radar is going off because it's never been an issue before. Not asking or asking for a phone does not lay out a platform for trust. I think it's childish to not let your girlfriend or boyfriend see your phone especially if you don't know why they're asking in the first place.

alluresolo@lovemeorleavemebe_1202 I think some people don't trust themselves so they automatically think people don't them as well. They are constantly on defense mode about the most ridiculous things like this phone situation.

coachjohnholley@alluresolo oh good point. That does sound like a bunch of game to me lol

lovemeorleavemebe_1202@alluresolo - Absolutely! I don't have the time, patience or energy to want to go through his phone. What's done in the dark always comes to the light eventually.

alluresolo@lovemeorleavemebe_1202 that is so true. When being in a relationship you need trust or you don't have anything to build your foundation. No trust no commitment no commitment no communication no communication no loyalty and so on. However, some people will never take the time to grasp that concept and apply it to life.

alluresoloIt is a bunch of game and nonsense. You will never have a healthy relationship with that mindset.

lovemeorleavemebe_1202I concur!! @alluresolo

coachjohnholley@bobbiekingsbury hmm. Interesting point!

me2nurseWhen u start telling her u love her & she the only woman for you.

julz0424When they ask you to get something out of it otherwise I completely agree with @bobbiekingsbury