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#QuestionsForTheLadies 1


bakergirl3-Looks really don't matter! It's just disrespectful. I'm good with it as long as he doesn't respond back!

coachjohnholley @missellie33 but what if she was sexy? I'd she a threat then?

amechelle0329-Looks should not be the determining factor. Most people who cheat, downgrade from their boy/girlfriend or wife/husband. At the end of the day, what you allow will continue but the 2 in a relationship can have conversations with the opposite sex but must uphold respect at all times.

beautefulkelly-I feel if you are secure in who you are it shouldn't matter. However for some it maybe a issue for them.

toyabaz-@coachjohnholley it happens quite often so I have had real life practice. As for me when it happens I nip it in the bud immediately and gracefully. It not only teaches others to respect me and my relationships, but it also shows my man that I respect him and our union!! We're human, being in a relationship doesn't mean we stop being attractive to others. Have you been in this situation either your girl being flirted with or you in front of your girl? How did you and she handle the situation?

coachjohnholley-@toyabaz never was I hit on in front of my girl (as far as I know lol). But plenty of dudes have tried my girl infront of me. She got more mad than me lol. I kinda like it lol

misslaurenuk-Nope. I would find it humorous and maybe be a little... Offended but I would be threatened #honestanswer @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley-@misslaurenuk but what if she was sexy...?

misslaurenuk-@coachjohnholley that's a different story lol I'd stay calm cause I don't make a scene but he would suffer later lol

coachjohnholley-@misslaurenuk haha! Wait, why would he suffer? He did flurry with her. She came on to him...

misslaurenuk-@coachjohnholley I'd still be mad at him, even if it wasn't his fault. It would be my jealousy coming out and I don't have much control over that 😡😡😡

coachjohnholley-@misslaurenuk LMAO well at least you're honest.

senasfashnmuse-Define the word "ugly"? Lol depends your ugly might be my pretty lol

coachjohnholley-@senasfashnmuse so if she was pretty it would make a difference huh?

senasfashnmuse-@coachjohnholley it wouldn't bother me what she did. It would bother me how he responded. Have you noticed you can date someone who gets loads of attention but if it doesn't get to their head it doesn't really bother you as opposed to a partner that you can't even go to the toilet without worrying they might try to pick up someone as soon as you turn your back. All depends on your partner. Mwah

coachjohnholley-@senasfashnmuse so you wouldn't feel disrespected at all?

senasfashnmuse-@coachjohnholley well it depends on what you define as flirting? Is it someone smiling at your spouse? Or is it body language, tone or out right here's my number call me - I like you type of thing? Like I said it all depends on your spouse! If your spouse doesn't entertain it you can even laugh about it together. Secondly if you spouse is universally attractive i.e. Someone like Tyson Beckford then ladies will always throw themselves at him whether or not you like it or find it disrespectful but if you want no one to flirt with your man then date a facially challenged person lol. P.S I don't like the word UGLY

senasfashnmuse-@coachjohnholley sorry I forgot to mention I am not the one that is supposed to nip it in the bud. My spouse is the person that's supposed to shut it down. Sorry for the essay lol