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#QuestionsForTheLadies 2



thischickjSounds crazy but yea I could!

anneann92Yea I would then I would move on. You cannot completely move unless you forgive a person.

coachjohnholley@challee00 @sclovrgrl @kai_0620 without a doubt? Nothing could convince you to?

taffeta1luvWould have moved on 1rst time. Forgive yes, because truly forgiving somone helps you.

coachjohnholley@thischickj why can you?

itscookiethoForgive yes, cuz shame on him once shame on me twice.. but I would break up, cuz the chance of him doing it again is big.

ms302Yes but the relationship is over

sclovrgrl@coachjohnholley nothing, honestly would've been done after the first time, but if he was that dumb to get caught twice he just don't give a damn lol

challee00For me no! @coachjohnholley

keybeezerDepends on the situation. If you cheat a bunch of times with the same chick...then you clearly like maybe even love her...and she can politely keep you...fuck it... maybe she's your soul mate...

beautefulkellyHe's gone all day long and forever.

lasqueen_biYes it would take a while but in my mind I would've move on because I will no longer see a future with us

msjanedoughAbsolutely the fuck not.

coachjohnholley@itscookietho @ms302 so you could forgive him, but not enough to give him another chance right?

msjanedoughWouldn't happen more than once so that first time better be worth it.

msofficer_1922I'll forgive him, but the relationship would be over

_resooo_Forgive him then move on.

itscookiethoNope, cuz if he didnt stop after the first time, what makes me think he won't do it the 3rd time.

thischickjHard for me to answer that! And way to long to write it out

cbeezy305Vanessa and Kobe Bryant why I don't understand @coachjohnholley

tallglassof_chasNope #burningbridges πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚

cbeezy305And no its over cause that's not love or a relationship. That's being a doormat. We get these two things twisted..

ashley.shortNo. Absolutely not.

anniemlara01@coachjohnholley He did and had 2 kids when he did. I tried to be strong and forgiving but it was too hard. I realized once the trust was gone the relationship was pretty much gone as well.

ms302You said "more than once". The first time I would look at it as they slipped and would want to communicate with each other as to what is missing that's needed to stay focused on the relationship. He's human, I'd give him that. The second time around is intentional and obviously I'm not the one he really wants. He has some soul searching to do and know what is to love his self first in order to love me. Life is too short and they're too many diseases to think about more so than continuously forgiving a " fuck up w/ no self control ".

cbeezy305I keep commenting but like omg this such a sensitive and complex topic to me.. Since forgiveness opens up the heart that creates space for love again but she has to make sure that she'll get the respect she deserves.

alyciamar1eSee Thas why one time is too many... β€œOnce you let em slide, they wanna start figure skating”

coachjohnholley@taffeta1luv so no second changes with you huh?

coachjohnholley@_resooo_ so you don't even believe in second chances huh?

coachjohnholley@thischickj please try... I wanna hear what you have to say


coachjohnholley@cbeezy305 but Kobe's rich and famous. It's a lot easier to stay then lol

ladyloki223Yes.....then I would find a new man

coachjohnholley@beautefulkelly would he even make it to a second chance with you?

sheffeynationnnDepends on whether it's my husband or my boyfriend !

coachjohnholley@msjanedough ha! He better sleep with a celebrity or something huh? Lol

msjanedoughSeveral at the the same damn time.

taffeta1luv@coachjohnholley at this point and time in my life I don't have the time, emotional, physical capacity to play around with these type of second chances. I know my worth...

lotuzfleur@coachjohnholley hmmmm yes...and no lol

coachjohnholley@cbeezy305 oooh thats a good point!

msjanedoughWhat @alyciamar1e said

agift_1First time on you and trust is comprised second time on you I'm gone bcz I know things spiral quickly out of control so there's no reason to stay for the lies and games

lotuzfleur@coachjohnholley if it happens twice....maybe. We would really need to understand when this is happening, where the disconnect is. If more than twice, I would have to walk

coachjohnholley@msjanedough LMAO

coachjohnholley@lotuzfleur explain please...

coachjohnholley@taffeta1luv I feel ya on that one...

natural_diva73@coachjohnholley No I did not... That is why I'm divorced. Don't get me wrong I know I wasn't the best wife in the world and I may have neglected him in some,ways. But its called communication. If he wasn't happy he could have talked to me instead of stepping out twice.

beautefulkelly@coachjohnholley I've done the second chance, and all that. If I respect for him, he needs to have the same respect for me. Ain't no it was a mistake, your right it was a mistake that should have never taken place.

coachjohnholley@sheffeynationnn WOOOOW! so if it was your husband you would consider forgiving him?

coachjohnholley@ladyloki223 so forgive but not enough to stay with him?

kai_0620I could deal with once but plenty of times show that he doesn't give a flip about the hurt that he's inflicting to me @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley@agift_1 no matter how long y'all been together and what y'all have been through together?

expressions_by_teyjaIt's hard to forgive someone who continuously cheats on you. Maybe somewhere down the road I could possibly forgive him for putting me through all the pain and agony but it will take time.


tainara_gWouldn't forgive them the first time so there would be no second time.

coachjohnholley@lotuzfleur you'd stick around that long? That's AMAZING! I hope your man ain't reading this right now lol

coachjohnholley@frangie_nohem ain't nothing to cut him off huh?

meangirlcForgive and moved on because it was my fault for going back after the first time. So in the end i had to forgive myself.

lotuzfleur@coachjohnholley yea I've been there already lol that's why I'm currently single

sheffeynationnn@coachjohnholley I feel like I have a very demanding job being in the army ! I feel like everyone makes a mistake and as a wife I'm supposed to stick by my husband for better or for worse , so it would take a lot but eventually I'm sure we would work through it !

alyciamar1e@coachjohnholley I'm serious a man with infidelity issues when I bet all they preach is loyalty over Everything... It's just not a fixable issue. I guess if they come correct like look this is what's up and this is how I'm going to fix it, can you find it in your heart to forgive me? And then proceed to write an entire album like robin thicke and then shower me in roses and a shopping spree and new vows and and and and... Like would you even wanna be with a woman after you cheat? Imma guilt you til that horse is dead 10 times over.... I'm exaggerating but some of us ladies would roll like that and It's just not healthy. What do you think the solution is?

coachjohnholley@kai_0620 I'm impressed that you could deal with once!

coachjohnholley@expressions_by_teyja do y'all would be over?

coachjohnholley@tainara_g I'm with you lol

coachjohnholley@meangirlc oh good point! Shouldn't have went back

frangie_nohemWell if it's that easy to cheat AGAIN, I wouldn't have a problem cutting him off completely.

coachjohnholley@lotuzfleur oops! I'm sorry to bring up bad memories...

lotuzfleur@coachjohnholley no bad memory #LifeLessons 😊

kai_0620I believe that error is human but I could only deal with one indiscretion.

coachjohnholley@sheffeynationnn I tip my hat to you! Cuz I couldn't do it. Does your husband know you'd give him a free pass?

sheffeynationnnI'm not married !

mslucypearlAbsolutely not

expressions_by_teyjaIf he thinks it's okay to cheat on me then that means he has no respect for me. So to answer that question, yes we would be over.

_resooo_That was the second chance. You can't continue to forgive and be with that person after being cheated on time and time again

coachjohnholley@alyciamar1e gotta say I love your response first of all lol. Me personally, I couldn't do it. Cheat on me once and It's a WRAP! they say women are like tennis balls. When it all falls down and they hit the ground, they can bounce back. its gonna hurt, but they'll bounce back. men are more like bricks. when we fall and hit the ground we shatter!

coachjohnholley@mslucypearl would he make it to a second chance with you?

mksmommiDefinitely No!

coachjohnholley@_resooo_ you're so right!

coachjohnholley@sheffeynationnn well your significant other

mksmommiDefinitely No!

coachjohnholley@_resooo_ you're so right!

coachjohnholley@sheffeynationnn well your significant other

mulattomascarellaYes because forgiving wouldn't so much be for him but for myself. Now would he still be my boyfriend, no he lose trust.

coachjohnholley@mksmommi how about just a second chance?

smiffypopsHe'd be out the door the first time!

yell_en_ahOnce ends the relationship.

coachjohnholley@mulattomascarella EXACTLY! You deserve peace

coachjohnholley@smiffypops you don't believe in second chances?

agift_1That obviously wasn't a factor if he pulled it a second time ... The work has to be put in from both and not up until he wants to cheat so yes I would leave bcz you can't work on it, save it and cheat on it all at the same time its gotta be you want to work and stay strong or you wanna do you it can't be both no matter of history

janel1810Nope. Once is a mistake more than once a pattern.

smiffypopsDepends on circumstances but most of the time if that happens they're a goner.

chefdivaI'll forgive him...but once a cheater always a cheater! #realtalk

coachjohnholley@agift_1 I think you should be a writer too lol. I love your answers

coachjohnholley@smiffypops give me a circumstance where you would stay?

coachjohnholley@chefdiva "once a cheater, always a cheater" ! ! !

desert.rose78_aka_gypsydragonI believe in second chance.. rotff ...he can second chance himself wit the next one! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

smiffypops@coachjohnholley if he was extremely drunk and it was a kiss. Anything more and that would be it.

mksmommiNope! I recently ended a relationship where he cheated, I forgave and then he cheated again (with a different girl while I was pregnant)...for the sake of my daughter, I tried to forgive but I could never forget and it caused me to be extremely unhappy. I walked away and said NEVER again!

sheffeynationnnNope! Single af! Lol

sheffeynationnn@mksmommi if that don't sound like my life ! Smdh god bless ya and ya Babygirl ma'am !

coachjohnholley@desert.rose78_aka_gypsydragon LMAO! ! !

coachjohnholley@smiffypops "blame it on the alcohol" lol

smiffypopsNo, not necessarily but self control is harder when you've had a drink, obviously @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley@mksmommi Woooow! ! ! while you were pregnant? How could he? and I can understand you trying to work things out for your daughter. that had to be really tough to forgive him the first time! Damn that's crazy! I hope some of these other girls read your comment...

agift_1Thanks I've been told that several times I journal some though.... Love the real life questions from you they cause you really think about yourself

smiffypops@coachjohnholley people act out of character when they've had to much to drink sometimes.

coachjohnholley@sheffeynationnn LMAO #TeamSingle

beautifulme8372Forgive and move on

sheffeynationnnLol #TeamLonelyAF

coachjohnholley@agift_1 write a book then! And let me be your first customer! And thanks, that's exactly what I was going for.

ladyloki223@coachjohnholley For me staying together is a stretch that has nothing to do with forgiving my man. I know people can change their behaviors and it's a wonderful thing when it's for the better but if you cheat on me and we are not married or have a family....staying together will be unlikely.

coachjohnholley@sheffeynationnn haha awww. But I feel ya tho

coachjohnholley@smiffypops your so right. That's why I don't drink lol

agift_1You're welcome that's something to consider really!!

mksmommi@sheffeynationnn Thank you! It was a hard pill to swallow, but once the pregnancy hormones left and I came to my senses, I had to walk away. Unfortunately, that situation was my message in a bottle.

smiffypops@coachjohnholley you've got the right idea. I'd like to give it up but I've nearly learned to control it :)

coachjohnholley@yell_en_ah so you don't even believe in second chances?

mksmommi@coachjohnholley Crazy right?!?! But it's made me stronger. πŸ’ͺ

coachjohnholley@ladyloki223 so married with kids, then he might still have a chance right?

coachjohnholley@mksmommi it made you STRONGER! You should thank him some day

ladyloki223@coachjohnholley Yes....with lots of prayer, and couples counseling.....I would like to be married only once so I would have to work it out lol

prettyb_wordEach situation is diff but prolly not

coachjohnholley@smiffypops lol "nearly"

coachjohnholley@ladyloki223 hmm...I'm curious tho, at what point would you leave?

yell_en_ahIf you've cheated in the past then no, you should know the outcome. If you say you've never cheated and you do, well discuss the situation.

coachjohnholley@prettyb_word gimme the #SITUATIONSHIPS where you might stay... you like that lil advertising huh?

coachjohnholley@yell_en_ah Woooow! That's good to

sfiorentini25It aint nothin to cut that B off lol :) ..hell nno

ebony.nicoleYou can forgive but not firget

ladyloki223@coachjohnholley after he was man enough to tell me he did not want to stay or after he showed me he was to cowardly to verbalize it.

ebony.nicole*Forget. And it's no point in being with him either after that

coachjohnholley@sfiorentini25 haha I feel ya

coachjohnholley@ebony.nicole soo... would y'all be over?

coachjohnholley@ladyloki223 at least you have a limit...

prettyb_wordπŸ˜‚ if i was married for which i have been and i forgave snd he did it again & again and earned his wings. If it was just a boyfriend id be gone tho i can do bad by myself

ebony.nicoleYes definitely. If you genuinely love someone, there's no reason to cheat @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley@prettyb_word lol "earned his wings" I like how you put that

coachjohnholley@ebony.nicole EXACTLY!

me2nurseYes. If you truly love him. U have to forgive to be forgiven but knowing of his cheating ESP more than once is going take time to fade & for one to heel.

alyciamar1eRight I'm with you, like let's just not cheat, simple! I had never heard that brick/tennis ball analogy before but that makes a lot of sense

dreams_unspokenI would forgive him but I wouldn't be with him ✌

heavenrash"Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me"

mslucypearlI understand we all make mistakes, and if u were referring to just 'dating', a second chance would be possible.. As far as being in a serious relationship, I wouldn't give him a second chance if he cheated. I am a firm believer in men, and I am also a believer when it comes to, men knowing what it is that they truly want.. Men know if they want to be in a serious relationship or not, men know if they would or would not cheat on any particular woman.. It's really black n white with them.. Why give a second chance to someone that is unsure of what they want?

monique926I echo @dreams_unspoken comment. If he cheats once, maybe reconcile but, #hesjustnotthatintoyou

luv2bme202Been there done that, never again

sierrat813That's a definite NOOOOOOOOO!

julz0424Would forgive him but wouldn't be with him after the first time no trust equals no love.

reeeuhLife's too short not to love for real. In the end, the only person being cheated is the cheater!

summerbreeze00000Could you?????

zahrasvacinaNever !