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_chiraqy_Nah hell nah.. Few not many.. If many we all. Gotta chill fucc it

_chiraqy_#These girls aint loyal

empressengram@plantagenet_48 I agree, I have 5 brothers and that is my experience as well

coachjohnholley@itz_ms_sarah2u oh so it's a insecurity thing?

coachjohnholley@plantagenet_48 "from experience" lol can't get more real than that...

coachjohnholley@taeshataeshataesha LMAO I didn't think about the "gay friends". So no straight male friends for you then right?

coachjohnholley@_chiraqy_ I was waiting for somebody to say "these hoes ain't loyal!" Lol

taeshataeshataesha@coachjohnholley Hahaha nah I have guy friends too, he doesn't like it, but I can't help it. But we have mutual trust, so we are alright with it. But ya alot of them are gay or married, but there are some that aren't lol.

coachjohnholley@empressengram so that means you don't have any male friends either right?

taeshataeshataesha@plantagenet_48 @empressengram But you still have to be woman enough and have the strength and power to say no. Can't blame it all on the dudes. And @_chiraqy_ Girls and loyal, but niggas ain't either! ;) #diiamondroyalty

taeshataeshataesha@_chiraqy_ aint*

plantagenet_48I see, if I was in a relationship I would not be associated with a bunch of female friends, that can always get messy, but I would like the same respect from my woman... Truth is people now a days have hidden agendas, they are always working some type of angle especially if you & your partner are having issues, the other person would try to use that piece of sensitive information as collateral to exploit a situation, always be aware of ulterior motives. @empressengram

coachjohnholley@taeshataeshataesha I feel you on that one. Unless she got raped, she wanted it to happen

empressengramI have tried to have a male friend/friends but they seem to always attempt to get out of the friend zone.. so for now my brothers are my only male friends. .

_chiraqy_Yea i feel you.. But hold up females don't trust a nigga even chillen with their mans.. Why in the world would i trust her with her guy friends? @coachjohnholley

taeshataeshataesha@coachjohnholley Yeah exactly. Also, don't have asshole friends who have an alter motive. Have friends you can trust. If you're worried about them stealing your girl (and or) guy, you probably shouldn't be friends with them. It all comes down to trust.

plantagenet_48Let's be honest, in a perfect world that sounds good rationally speaking, but reality doesn't work that way, I am not blaming the guys, I am just giving one aspect to my reasons... Because there are women who use male friends to make the her man jealous, there women who use male friends as so sort of "back uo plan" in case she doesn't work out with her current situation etc. It's many layers to this issues, but oversimplifying it by saying a woman can just say no is half true, but we know that isn't the case most of the time in real life. @taeshataeshataesha

taeshataeshataesha@plantagenet_48 Fair enough! That's true, and I totally respect that. But if that's the case, don't be with that kind of girl (& or guy) Date someone who loves you so much that you won't have to even have that worry! You deserve to be comfortable and so does your significant other. I stand by my previous statement. Trust is the most important. @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley@plantagenet_48 that's kinda where I stand. I want my girl to understand that there are very few male / female friendships. It's not impossible but super rare. at least one of y'all is attracted to the other. they might not be constantly acting on it, but if I'm returning it came knocking...

plantagenet_48I respect that, but again realistically that kind of love is ultra rare, the level of trust these days are at a all time low, if only it were that simple... I am a tad bit cynical based on my experiences with various women, I will always go above & beyond the call of duty, but the women I got were damaged long before I can in the picture, so their level of trust wasn't as high as mine at the end of the day... But I still have hope, but I don't want to be naive about things because I am a realist. People aren't thorough as these days. @taeshataeshataesha

plantagenet_48I agree, I have been with women who've had male friends, but they were very naive about certain things because she always tried to see the good in people.... But she was blinded by the dude's maneuvering, as her man I am suppose to be her eyes when she can't see & vice versa when it's another woman as my friend. It is rare for women & men to just be friends with no sexual attraction, but we both know people live in the moment & react on their irrational impulses rather than their rational or logical thinking. @coachjohnholley

taeshataeshataesha@plantagenet_48 Fair enough. You're right on some of that. This world is sick. Plus guys genetically are more sexual and these days seems like more and more men are just tool bags walked around wanting to be banged. I am glad I found my man. He's loyal and real and sexy as freak, and that's all that matters ;) Hah, good luck sir! Good talking to ya!! :)

coachjohnholley@taeshataeshataesha so then as long as there's trust, it's no problem then right?

plantagenet_48I feel that about women, they have become more sexual than ever, in this feminist "i can do what a man can do" society has made being a hoe cool & endearing, men do what women allow, I've have multiple sexual offers on Instagram, but I know better than that. But that's good you found love & I am happy for you, you enjoy the rest of your evening & it was nice talking to you to. @taeshataeshataesha

coachjohnholley@plantagenet_48 see that while "live in the moment" shit... that's why I'd have a problem with it. Maybe if it was a childhood friend from waaaaay before me...

coachjohnholley@taeshataeshataesha is your bf on IG? I wanna see what he had to say?

plantagenet_48That's true, a female childhood friend is better suited than a woman you just befriended, a childhood friend knows you better & have a better understanding of you. @coachjohnholley

taeshataeshataesha@plantagenet_48 Likewise! Oh sheeiiiiit don't pull out feminism now! That'll get me started and all fired up! That's not what feminist is. Whoever told you that should go eat poop. But anyways, have a good night!

taeshataeshataesha@coachjohnholley Hah yep, trust is key! Hahahahahaha no he isn't :'( I wish!!!! Haha he's a really jealous guy even! But he trusts me so we are all good. Trust >>>>

coachjohnholley@taeshataeshataesha I gotcha lol

taeshataeshataesha@coachjohnholley Cooool :) Love your posts btw! They always get me thinking! And I always meet new people and hear new perspectives! I love it! Keep it up! G'Night!