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So many girls are looking for Superman but walk right past Clark Kent everyday.

Clark Kent or Superman

Clark Kent or Superman

coachjohnholley Show some love to the nice guys. He might be just what you're looking for.

attykellymccabe Do they exist?!? lol

bobbiekingsbury I'm lucky enough to know lots of really nice guys. Keep in mind though that Lois Lane was no super model. She's a regular gal. Not every girl is looking for Superman just as not every superman is looking for a super model.


dlovelyrenee@coachjohnholley that works both ways... Some good girls out here hoping for a real & authentically loving good guy. But Clark Kent has superhuman expectations.

coachjohnholley@attykellymccabe in living proof lol

coachjohnholley@bobbiekingsbury ooohh good point!

incrediblecraig@coachjohnholley where on Instagram did you read that? 😑

incrediblecraig@dlovelyrenee superman had no expectations. That's what's wrong with females. You think every boy is superman or that he needs Wonder Woman. He needs gentleness not ratchetness or a boss of a spouse. (Sounds harsh but I say it with love) lol

dlovelyrenee@incrediblecraig "superhuman expectations" refers to the ideology that there are men who also pass up good girls because they would rather someone easy...who looks a certain way...etc. As clearly stated in my other post....both men and women are guilty of having super human expectations.

coachjohnholley@dlovelyrenee oooh you right. It's a lot of dudes out here looking for a girl that LOOKS like wonder woman, but walk right past the REAL wonder women everyday

coachjohnholley@incrediblecraig nah just I heard somebody say it so i store it from them lol. But you right tho. Lois Lane was no wonder woman, but she was exactly was Superman needed.

giannadrayWe're in a society that is stuck on visual appeal and impulsiveness. Most people (of both genders) spend hours during the week simply LOOKING at unrealistic expectations (via social media). We also don't allow room for mistakes because we have a small line of back-up plans via DMs or hidden messages. Finding the REAL(ness) in a person should take time and a slight emotional investment. It doesn't seem like that's what anyone wants to do anymore. It's instant gratification over slow intentional progress these days and that's disappointing.

coachjohnholley@dlovelyrenee well I'm something like a superhero. so my girls at least got to be superISH lol jk

dlovelyrenee@coachjohnholley every true good girl is the superISH #weexist

coachjohnholley@dlovelyrenee lol "we"

dlovelyrenee@coachjohnholley lol #iknowmyworth Hahahah #supreISH!!! LOL

alteregobtq@mzthinthick amen... Spoken truth