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#QuestionsForTheLadies 3

But you're paying all the bills though...

But you're paying all the bills though...


jloveli26He'd be single.

queen_bri_dSingle single!

ciciluvsu2Not worth it, I need someone as ambitious and hardworking as me.

sharicandyLol... ☝☝ @jloveli26 he sure would be! Later for that!

zee_doit24Couldn't do it... Sex is not everything its more important to have a stable man than one that's good at sex #myopinion

robincagedbirdAin't enough good sex in the world. I will not be supporting us #sorrynotsorry

coachjohnholley@jloveli26 @queen_bri_d @ciciluvsu2 @sharicandy @zee_doit24 @robincagedbird money over everything huh? Lol

temina143He'd have to do it moving! If I wanted a dependent, I'd have a child. Sex is not everything. He needs to at least be able to support himself. I don't mind helping when times get hard for him, but definitely not go take care of anyone without a job!!

katrina_iamHe still a keeper...I got us! 💯 @coachjohnholley

lux_sheriSo its just sex he can offer? That shouldn't be your man then. Lol

luv2bme202Sex and finances are two things that can make or break a relationship, at least he's got 1 down

spicycocoa1I need a man that's good at working and in the bed and being a good father

ciciluvsu2No love over everything lol @coachjohnholley staying with someone because of good sex is just as shallow as gold digging.

_thesweetestthingsex doesn't make a relationship last eventually she will get tired of having to provide for him and orgasm will no longer cloud her vision lol @coachjohnholley

timzdafutureLol dem ladies ya heartless money dem say😂😂😂

coachjohnholley@katrina_iam LMAO finally somebody being honest!

kayrprhe has to go!!!!!

coachjohnholley@luv2bme202 thank you! Give the man some props right? Lol

tay_kwan_doUm, im sure I can find a new man whose great at both! But before I dump him id have to have him try to fix whatever mistakes he's been doing that negatively affect his work status.

divinelystampedDeuces. Dick ain't everything.

veec_lu@coachjohnholley I can't speak for all women, but I know many like myself, that we do not care how good you are in bed, if you can't maintain yourself and priorities, a woman loses respect for a man and once that happens, a good lay in bed no longer appeals to us with that man.

coachjohnholley@_thesweetestthing but he's a good guy. Everything else about him is perfect. He just broke... still no deal? Lol

expressions_by_teyjaNaahhhh Bruh he's not worth keeping. Sorry. You can't be awesome at laying the pipe but suck at keeping a job. I'm not gone be the only footing the bill while all he do is sex me lol. Boy bye lol

coachjohnholley@tay_kwan_do try to fix him first lol. Can't give up on good sex that easy right?

coachjohnholley@veec_lu lose respect for him! That's big. But I feel ya

coachjohnholley@divinelystamped So MONEY is everything?

@divinelystamped No. There has to be a balance my brother. Everything in moderation.

_ru27This is such a stupid question. Why would you keep a guy because he's good in bed? How are you going to pay bill? A mortgage? Food? Trip? You CAN find a man who is financially stable and good in bed you know. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

keaidyb_He has got to go! That would make me a trick and I am definitely not that.

reddliipss👎If you cant hold ur own, how are u gonna hold ME down? #nah #IfYoudontworkItwontwork

nonegativeppl__sorry wud rather u hold onto ur good job i can teach u how to be good in bed but if u still dead then u best get skipping cant say i neva tried to help before u got dashed one side @coachjohnholley #uasked

coachjohnholley@_ru27 it may seem stupid but there are girls who do it every day... that's why I asked lol

coachjohnholley@nonegativeppl__ just school a rich guy to please you. Smart girl lol

blu_inspurrationHe gotsta go! ALWAYS broke? No way! But that good sex tho 🙌👅💦

coachjohnholley@keaidyb_ oh I never thought about it like that...

coachjohnholley@blu_inspurration so it'll be a bitter sweet goodbye then? Lol

__y8sHe gotta go go.

_thesweetestthingIm a loyal girl so i would help him 100% tell him to try different career options, go back to school, start his own business but after all of that if he still broke and unsuccessful he gotta go lol @coachjohnholley

blu_inspurrationKMSL yes lawd!

katrina_iam@coachjohnholley got to be.....I look at it like this....What if it was the other way around? Would I want him to keep me if I had nothing to bring to the table? He could have lost his I got his back on that...but he have to bring something to the table....and if sex is what he's bringing...I'm good with that!

coachjohnholley@_thesweetestthing haha holding on to that good sex as long as possible huh? Lol

_thesweetestthinghey a girl has needs too 😂 @coachjohnholley

kai_0620He wouldn't be my man, he would be the person who is laying down the pipes while in am looking for his replacement.

beautefulkellyUm yea we could be friends but that's about it. Him gotta go bye-bye

tay_kwan_doNah it ain't about the sex. Its about the relationship. He's not a random man. He's "my man" so the relationship has to be multifaceted and thus well balanced. But if he doesn't get his act together then I'll just find a man who can kill both those birds with one stone!! Lol

tay_kwan_do@_ru27 as stupid as it is, there's tons of stupid people in this world who do this daily. This question is realistic. Look up "sugar mama" if you're unfamiliar with its definition

dimefelineNow I'm not to one to promote side pieces but he'd probably be my sidedick. ..ijs lol

toyabazIt depends on a number of things, I think everyone is good at something he just hasn't found his something. If he is contributing to the home and relationship in others ways that balance it out then we work together to find his thing. If it is just laziness or lacking ambition or drive then that would be a problem for me.

coachjohnholley@kai_0620 keep him add the side dude! ! ! Genius lol

coachjohnholley@beautefulkelly good to

toyabazQuestion is would you stay in a relationship with a woman who is good in bed but unable or unwilling to hold down a job?

ashton_beeNo he gotta go not being able to keep a job show more about his character, values and goals he's not ambitious or motivated... When a guy is about his future and goals and is stable in his career the passion and love of that will please a women's mind, heart and soul and physical pleasure will come from that 💙💙💙👏

jessmoore5Good sex can go a long way! I'm very independent and I'm all about being the bread winner. If he trying then give credit where credit is due. However, as long as I know I'm financially stable then we are good. He better be a good cook too 😉 @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley@dimefeline @kai_0620 y'all girls are smarter than me. I wouldn't have ever thought to keep em on the side lol

_thesweetestthingi just saying lol 😂😏 @coachjohnholley

shay_michelle_See ya

slwhit86We couldn't be together. Relationship are not made in the bedroom and they can't survive there either. At some point he would need to get it together and learn how to hold down a job not for me but for HIS SELF!

coachjohnholley@jessmoore5 LMAO I hear ya Jess. Great sex is hard to find right? Lol

veec_lu@coachjohnholley Yes. A woman's carnal need in a man is security. In everything, not just making us feel sexually desired. The only type of women that would put up with it, is a woman that absolutely does not want anything further with him than just a good climax. She doesn't care who he's with, where he's from, what he does, long as he shows up when shes craving some sexual attention, she'll put that boy on a cab and pay both ways because even she, will not let his ass stay the night. Lol

dimefelineGuys do it all the time @coachjohnholley ijs lol

camfearceAmbition makes me horny!! I would not my turned on by an underachiever. It's one thing if he's building and has a plan, but to be lost and incapable... NO @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley@veec_lu LMAO "put him in a cab"

coachjohnholley@camfearce "ambition makes me horny!" Then you better hope we never meet lol

coachjohnholley@dimefeline you know what, you're so right...

bteeceDepends why can't he keep a job

coachjohnholley@bteece for whatever reason. But sounds like you're willing to work with him...

viwi87Is he being a stay at home daddy?

_xo.monroe216He's got to go!!! Lol

coachjohnholley@toyabaz you're the only one that flips the questions on me lol. But no I won't be bout it. Sex has never been a big deal to me. I view it as just icing on the cake...

felicia4newsomehe will no longer be my man!!! now i aint sayin im a gold digger 🎵🎶🎼💴💸💳💱💲💵 but i ai t messin with a broke ______ ninja!!! lolol frfr

coachjohnholley@viwi87 he's doing everything else perfectly! He just broke lol

coachjohnholley@felicia4newsome haha good one

bteeceWell from reading these comments they sound pretty much on point. If he can't keep a job simply because he's not trying to then he got to go. I was always taught to have someone on my level or above never below. So if he doesn't have the skill or strive to be ambitious &have achievements or goals. That sex will only get him so far. Every guy has a penis &tongue so I always ask a guy what makes them different Cus sex doesn't excite me if that's all someone has to offer. I like intellect &goal diggers an yes I do mean goal not gold.@coachjohnholley

msreefa2uI have to agree with you @camfearce An underachiever does nothing for me regardless of how good he is in bed. They sell things if it boils down to only sex, which does not require having a job or keeping one, lol @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley@bteece great comment! One of the best

coachjohnholley@msreefa2u a couple energizer batteries can replace him huh? LMAO

bteeceThanks hun! I always enjoy a good conversation @coachjohnholley

camfearceUnderachievers are usually good in bed because they have a lot of time to practice...

mstubbs08You can teach a man to be good in bed... you can't teach a man to be driven.... @coachjohnholley

purestheticsproIt's always the worst men who are the best in bed.. That's all they have goin for themselves and they control women with their 🍆 @coachjohnholley