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Would you rather have a gay son or a whore daughter?

not.all.devils.have.hornsGay son

persialeechinWow. I guess hoe daughter

iambeckdiamondsThat's too hard. Lol

not.all.devils.have.hornsI just think gay son would be better because you can't really judge your kid by their sexuality and should just accept them. I wouldn't really want a hoe daughter because there's always going to be that 16 and pregnant problems

supernice66If it was my kids I wouldn't Care I would love them both the same hoe gay don't change the fact their my kid and I love them no matter how the world labels them

meangirlcWomen don't listen for shit lmao

incrediblecraigDefiantly a hoe son... 😎

_britney_lynI'm sorry but this question had me dying!!

_britney_lynAccording to Draya... Your hoe title can be taken away.... Being a hoe is not forever so I guess that's not too bad

coachjohnholley@persialeechin no gays for you huh?

coachjohnholley@not.all.devils.have.horns what if she always use condoms. Is it better then?

coachjohnholley@supernice66 wouldn't care at all...hmm?

coachjohnholley@incrediblecraig good answer! LOL

coachjohnholley@_britney_lyn LMAO taken away! LOL

persialeechin@coachjohnholley , its easier to be a hoe than gay in this world.

coachjohnholley@persialeechin GREAT point!

not.all.devils.have.horns@coachjohnholley hoes don't use condoms

coachjohnholley@meangirlc haha this always happens. It's all good tho

coachjohnholley@not.all.devils.have.horns LMAO you right!

not.all.devils.have.hornsThey're thirsty. Not enough time to open one before they're already fucking

thecapitold@coachjohnholley I'll just get a vasectomy

coachjohnholley@thecapitold haha that's the EASIER choice?

agift_1Love em no matter what ..and keep on praying and cover them until they become the man and woman God created them to be we've all had a yesterday and are ex something's But God... Nothing's impossible..

roo.cheewell one is a choice, the other isn't.

bussywaterGay son

coachjohnholley@noiirwoodz I apologize if the question sounds offensive. That wasn't my intent. But I didn't say something was wrong with being gay. I just know that there's a lot of people who wouldn't want their kids to be gay. The fact that there are so many people saying this is a tough question kinda proves that. But I'm with you on the double standard thing. It would just be hard for me to know that a bunch of guy's are having their way with my baby girl... I'm glad you commented tho. You give a great prospective.

coachjohnholley@nittinate tough right? Lol

coachjohnholley@supernice66 I think I like your answer the best

coachjohnholley@micahcooler I said the same thing lol

coachjohnholley@iam of course, but if you had to choose one...

coachjohnholley@bussywater why?

coachjohnholley@agift_1 Tru...but if you had to pick one

agift_1A gay son ... Then you won't have to be that young flyyyyyy grandma raising "dem'" babies @coachjohnholley

coachjohnholley@agift_1 LMAO you right

_lovesymbolIn reality it wouldn't be our choice. So, the question is which would you be more accepting to? I would not care which one, although if my daughter was a hoe I'd beat her ass. I'm also a lesbian so I couldn't judge my son for what he was born to become.

coachjohnholley@_lovesymbol "I'd beat her ass" LMAO

noiirwoodz@coachjohnholley you never said something was wrong with being gay correct but it's implied was my point that it's indirectly stated that there is something wrong with being gay, thats why the question it's self comes off offensive cause your asking which is the lesser of to bads basically, being a hoe is bad but having a gay son would be worse, I don't think you see my perspective clearly.

coachjohnholley@noiirwoodz I actually would choose to have a gay son. Me being a straight guy, I think it's only natural to want my son to be straight also. But him being gay is still waaaaay better than my daughter being a hoe

noiirwoodz@coachjohnholley your missing the point yet homosexuals are looked at as the inferior species, me being a lesbian women doesn't mean naturally I'd want my kid to be gay just cause that's how I identify as #gaypride #noh8 #lgbt #prettygaybish #smallminds #lesbian

coachjohnholley@noiirwoodz maybe you're right, maybe I don't understand lol. But at least I'm open minded tho

ciicii_24Gay son. But being gay isn't a choice. Being a hoe is a choice.

sunshyne102202Who you sleep with is a choice whether you are gay or straight. I'd want my child to be honest with him/ covers a multitude of faults which include the decisions we make.