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Are Titles Really That Important To You? (#QuestionsForTheLadies4)

Are we just talking or are we Facebook official?

Are we just talking or are we Facebook official?

coachjohnholley@sofine_goodwine "you can still get hurt with a title." Sooo true!

coachjohnholley@iam839 so title don't mean nothing UNTIL y'all get married?

angcespedesDoesn't define, helps with understanding. If I don't know what we are, how do I know how to treat the "relationship"?

iluv_louise143It's about feeling and hopefully its followed by effort and time. Immediately being labeled has us overlooking tht lack of effort on what's important and leaves us wondering why we aren't appreciated. The intent/method of the title is made priority, by tht time it may be too late to realize this person wasn't for us even for us to begin with, but by tht time we stayed longer than we shld have or for the wrong reasons.

ronreeI agree with @angcespedes ... oplus different titles mean different roles. Friends do not act or do the same as gf/bf... and gf/bf do not act or do the same as husband and wife which should be the ultimate goal. But u needs to know what step you are in and that's why there are titles

qu3enkWhat's wrong with labeling what you already know to be true? It becomes an issue when one wants the title and the other doesnt and that's when you need to think bout where "things" are headed... Or matta fact you should already have an idea of what you are looking for long term when dating so things don't get too jaded later on... But back to the title issue if you know I'm your girl/want me to be your girl then why would it hurt to say it/claim it?

cant_stop_my_shyneNot so much titles as boundaries

iam839@coachjohnholley well when a man tells u that " im not his girl" and makes that clear. At that point im dating around. I believe title isnot important as long as there an understanding. If were loyal to eachother then a title is not important. If its clear that " ill never be his girl" then ill continue to date around and keeping him around as well. A title doesnot define what u mutually feel about eachother. Now, when a man ask u to be his girl how does that change how i feel about him? How important is it to aman to make u his girlfriend?

0204aquariusI think so because you try saying he or she is my boyfriend or girlfriend vs husband or wife and see how far you get lol in the business world πŸ’ŽπŸ’

chichi_bishBecause I take marriage and vows b4 God very seriously. If u love them that much then make that commitment in a church. Now if ur not Christian then wat ever floats ur boat but my family takes it seriously. Plus a marriage is a def solid commitment. If ur jus together n claim married u can still easily walk away. @coachjohnholley

xclusivelysharTitles are usually given once something is established and fulfilling duties of it's position. Now days titles are given just to say you are something so you'll act a certain way. "I think therefore I am". Titles no longer carry the same meaning as walking in the actual position & life. People like being in a group/category and that's why women hang on to the title, without it woman have this unknown/unsaid status hanging over their head. Titles can become unhealthy because people get too hung up on needing to have a title to identify with.

maya_papaya888See...I've used it too... back when i was a little so it's just as important to yall as it is to some of us.

iam839Well said @xclusivelyshar

kinzo_leeIt's not a "title" as it is a status. Once explained it shows both parties involved the expectations of the relationship so hopefully there is no confusion as to whether or not the two are in a committed relationship. It also makes it known to others whether or not that person is available to be pursued. In a perfect

_empress101In a long term relationship, marriage should be the goal!! The marriage license is what's important ultimately!! Sign them papers so I know it's realπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

missteesa@coachjohnholley Having a title also makes it easier to know each person's boundaries. Having no title creates endless possibilities for both parties to be involved with someone else whether it's physical or emotional therefore creating a (supposed) justified reason ... " well technically we're not officially together..." which makes a whole lot of unnecessary complications/drama.

tphelps714I'm big on commitment. If a person is committed then the title will automatically come.

bobbiekingsburyFor some reason the first thing I thought of when I saw the word "titles" was work related, not relationship related. My favorite title is CEO. Ha! As for labeling a relationship with titles such as fuck buddy, booty call, boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse- all that isn't a barrier against cheating or pain. I agree with some of the comments above that it gives a sense of rules or boundaries but I feel like the older I get the more I cling to mutual understanding rather than a title. Communication is key. No assumptions because when you assume you make an ass of you and me.

coachjohnholley@0204aquarius so it only matters what other people think about your relationship?

0204aquarius@coachjohnholley No I'm not saying that lol I'm married I'm saying far as the corporate world you're limited to what you can or can not do if you're not married to someone but even if I wasn't married a title isn't all that unless you want more bc if a guy comfortable with keeping you as his girlfriend that's all you would be unless you want more.