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Questions For The Ladies 4

How involved are your friends in your relationship? Do you tell them everything?

How involved are your friends in your relationship? Do you tell them everything?

Me: The best relationships are the private one...just saying. I tell them all the good, and keep the bad between him and I. How others view him reflects on me!.....I want him to come off perfect to everyone! πŸ˜ƒ 

Virgosoulchild: I don't put all my business on front street!  However, when there are times of uncertainty, or second opinions, I do confide in my spiritually  and emotionally mature male and female friends for balance.  But I agree you should work out issues in privateβ˜€οΈ

Bellapisces312: Mostly the bad or when you are having issues that you may need an outside opinion on.  I only go to close friends that i consider family. Its hard to share all the good because i don't want to come off as bragging or thowing it in someone's face.

Me: EXACTLY! I keep trying to tell people, who you date says a lot about you. So you might wanna speak highly of them

Maya_papaya888: When I was younger like teens I used to tell them everything bad...As an adult, I keep everything to myself. I've been brought into a relationship of a friend& it damn near ruined our relationship. When someone hurts my friends or family,  it's no holds barred lol I told her he wasn't shit...bc he wasn't.

Queen_of_beautiful_disasters: Only speak of my relationships with one true friend she's like a sister.  She knows the good the bad and the ugly.  other than that relationship issues should be kept between you and your partner(you are the only two that truly knows what happens behind closed doors) If not you have to many people involved advising you what's right, what's wrong..repercussions to letting to many people in is a disaster waiting happen.

Sunique_peek: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the good, bad, and ugly! filtered of course lol.. Just kidding but your relationship should be between you and the person friends should know minimal details! πŸ˜ƒ @coachjohnholley

Icepoprocks: I am quite private, I have 1 person whom I talk to about almost everything.

Misslena26: I have one friend  I mainly talk to when I need advice because she's older and I know she'll give me her honest opinion about any situation.

Me: @icepoprocks is that one person cool with your man?

Me:  @sunique_peek nah you wasn't kidding lol

Sunique_peek: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was however I think that guys tend to share more than a women as far as friends go. if I'm gonna tell my friend something it's gonna be more like did I make the right decision by doing this or that.. I think when you share your issues with friends you are just handing them your baggage. (I don't want anyone's baggage) keep your issues to yourself and pick it up at the baggage claim with the person you entered the relationship with. 😏

Icepoprocks: They don't know each other yet, but she knows all of my past also. The things she knows, I've told him that she knows and he's fine with that.

Misslena26: He hasn't  express that it bothers him. I think he knows I'm not trying to make him look bad in any way and I always make my own decisions at the end of the day.

Staceyanderson81: I tell a select few the good & the bad mostly so I don't over think things. My girls are usually the ones who tell me if I'm not being fair to a guy or if my expectations are out of whack. So done with a few, healthy people it can actually help my relationships, I think.

Queen_of_beautiful_disasters: I always speak my mind, as I always say hurt me with the truth and not a bunch of lies.  With that said I may in some occasions speak with her prior to speaking to him but the words spoken are not altered to save face.

Blackdimondbaby_21: I shared everything with my once I thought was my best friend. Until one day. I saw her for who she really was.... not every thing is meant to be shared.

Bobbiekingsbury: My friends know the basic stuff but I never air my dirty laundry about a guy I'm talking to because it's harder for outsiders to forgive and forget. Relationship problems should be discussed with your partner/SO not with the rest of the world.