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Questions For The Fellas 4



melgenaeI couldn't be with anyone who says their mom....

coachjohnholley@melgenae you know what I heard the most "you only get one mom..."

melgenae@coachjohnholley That's very true but that doesn't mean you put her before your spouse. They need to review the "leave your home, cling to spouse...." scripture. I can't respect a man who doesn't put his spouse first. I would constantly be thinking "who else comes before me?"

shashafiercenj@coachjohnholley If you take care of home and honor your wife like your Mom you'd only have one wife too...

curly_girl73Wife comes first you respect and honor mom. If both are treated with respect there should be no issues

bobbiekingsburyI'm not a fella but I'm opinionated so here's my two cents: I had a husband that was attached to his mother at the apron strings. At first I totally respected his close ties, but she was disrespectful to me as a wife and he never stuck up for me or defended me. She was invasive in our marriage. She's half the reason we are divorced. I have an older son who is in a serious relationship and you know what? I stay the hell out of it. I know he loves and respects me - but he's making a life and a family with this girl. She comes first and I'm not insecure about it. I love him and support him and don't bud into their business. As a mother I've raised good men who don't need to put me first once they're out of my home. Put your lady first. Mom will always be there. It's not a competition and if it is, that's whack.

com_scholarIf either of them have to question who comes first they are both bugging. It should be understood that the relationships are both different yet very important.

coachjohnholley@melgenae at the same time tho, the guys who said "only one mom" weren't married... I got a feeling a lot then will eventually change their minds

lilli2379I'm not a fella. But depending on the situation I'm ok if he pick his mother @coachjohnholley

melgenae@coachjohnholley probably so. I'm not married either...maybe I should shut up lol

coachjohnholleyHaha one of my boys just said "HOW HOT IS MY WIFE?"

youngmatureoneThe bible states put your wife before all

q_ashley23Happy wife happy life

coachjohnholley@lilli2379 yeaha lot of guys are saying depends

ms.so_complicated86Wife..."Leave to cleave..." Genesis 2:24

ms.so_complicated86My parents had this issue early on in their marriage with my maternal grandmother being too involved and my mother had to respectfully put her in her place and put my father first.

rjgue851@coachjohnholley Mom will always be the only woman that has your back thru thick and thin. Even a loyal woman can get sick of you..its instinct for a mom to have their child's back. Just don't let mom get in between.